London Courtesan Cynthia is a skilled provider of social intimacy in modern high society  - the very erotic companionship, sacred healing, highly respected. Well the Courtesan title is originally owned by a female courtier, a woman of the royalty and the noble, the word courtesan had acquired of the mistress or concubine of a king or a noble, today it is also the meaning of a high class escort whose clients are selective. Thaïs, Empress Theodora, Diane de Poitiers, Mary Boleyn, Anne Boleyn, Madame du Pompadour, Marie Duplass and Mata Hari are but a few of many famous courtesans.



Courtesan is hired by high class individuals with no string attached, a female escort whose clientele is men of high social status, European kings had courtesans in addition to their companions by law. Courtesan is an educated, sophisticated companion to wealthy gentlemen, historically the companions of royalty and aristocracy, the modern courtesan provides the same companionship as always and sex to wealthy men.


Cynthia -  a stunning mistress, high class escort, a talented girlfriend, a gifted Courtesan, a woman who a man parades and takes pride in, a fair lady hired for business events, much preferred by and very pleasing to those appreciating fine arts, music and dance, beauty, and the greater performances.


About Cynthia:


Cynthia was originally an epithet of the Greek goddess of the moon, Artemis, who was sometimes called "Cynthia" because, according to legend, the goddess was born on Mount Cynthus. Like the moon of which they are goddesses of, Cynthias are quite simply bewitching. Like the moon they can be shy, only coming out when around the right conditions or in the moons case, at the right time. When the moon is fully realized it shines a gentle glow, and when you really get to know a Cynthia, you find the most radiant and beautiful girl you have ever been blessed to ever meet. Their personality shines brighter than any star out there in this vast universe, however it doesn't blind you like those of the highly regarded and almost worshiped. Like the moon, her radiance is gentle, never blinding and making her true beauty appreciable. Think of it this way, if you tried staring at the sun to see how beautiful it is you'd go blind, but the moon however, well you can marvel its beauty for as long as you like. As you marvel you get lost, and when looking at a Cynthia you are completely enveloped. Warm brown eyes that get you lost, the most angelic face to have ever been beheld by the earth itself, and gentle hands, that you want nothing more then to hold all day. In body and spirit Cynthia is quite simply the most magnificent girl out there, and consider yourself gifted to know one, but consider yourself truly blessed to know one.


Cynthia is a true symbol of beauty. To see her smile can change your day from horrible to amazing. To hear her speak will make your heart melt. To be with her is an indescribable feeling that I can't put into words. She is kind, funny, beautiful, and smart. You could stare into her eyes forever, and once with her you won't want to be with anyone else. Ever since I met her, I have not stopped smiling. :) She will get into your head.  A kind, gentle, fun loving girl,  She usually worries too much about what she looks like, although she is beautiful and every guy notices it. Cynthia's usually have a very bubbly personality and are naturals at flirting. Cynthia's are usually good kissers and good in bed. If you can have her as your girlfriend, you will never be able to go back. But, if you mistreat her, don't be surprised if you find yourself heart broken. Many Cynthia's enjoy sports, video games, and other guy type things, yet they love to go shopping, get their nails done, and have girl time. Most Cynthia's are a triple threat. Beautiful, funny, and smart.


Cynthia's are often shy people, but once your get to know a Cynthia they are one of the most loyal and friendly type of people you would ever be lucky enough to meet. Cynthia's love to talk but are often quiet to listen to their friend's problems, once you get to know a Cynthia you will see little by little that they have fun. Cynthia' s are often have dark hair and a pale dead like face because they are after all named after the goddess of the moon, and like the moon you will soon see their pale beauty and mysterious personalty, known as the invisible girl, a Cynthia can be a great leader, but is always ready to be a team player.


A Cynthia has the utmost loyalty and respect for her loved ones and friends, she is the type of friend one wants to be friends with for life.

A Cynthia is very intelligent, but with her playful personality can sometimes say things just to make fun of herself.

A Cynthia is attracted most to people who are confident in themselves, She oozes sensuality without even trying. Her best quality is her ability to make a Man feel like a Man. Her feminine and sexy ways are only rivaled by her intelligence and kind soul. She has curves for days, but she is more than that, she has a way about her, that which is rare and unique.

The love of my life, mine everything, a beautiful, amazing, hilarious, perfect being that stole my heart. And i dont care if i ever get it back, so very cute and often has white skin and dark hair. pefect in every way.

"Cynthia, you are perfect and i love you in a million ways."


A beautiful woman with awesome hair! She has a big, shiny smile. She is also very funny, and laughs alot. She is a great friend to be around. She is a very smart girl and is especially good at math. She can make your day! She is pretty and she is helpful. Latinized form of Greek  (Kynthia) which means "woman from Kynthos". This was an epithet of the Greek moon goddess Artemis, given because Kynthos was the mountain on Delos on which she and her twin brother Apollo were born. It was not used as a given name until the Renaissance, and it did not become common in the English-speaking world until the 19th century.


Sextus Propertius - This romance is devoted entirely to a female figure called Cynthia. Cynthia prima suis miserum me cepit ocellis - 'Cynthia was the first to capture with her eyes my pitiable self,' the very first line of poetry proclaims. It then goes on to say:


Till then I was free from desire's contagion. Love

Then forced me to lower my gaze of steady hauter

And trampled my head with his feet

Cynthia's exact social standing is not known. We are informed by a later writer the woman's real name was Hostia; it is speculated she may be have been a descendant of a second century BCE poet named Hostius. Cynthia is literary name with connections to Apollo, the Greek god of poetry. Quite possibly she was a courtesan. In any event, she was refined and elegant, but not entirely faithful to the relationship Propertius presumed he had with her. She courts other men, and breaks off cordial relations with Propertius quite frequently.This romance is devoted entirely to a female figure called Cynthia. Cynthia prima suis miserum me cepit ocellis - 'Cynthia was the first to capture with her eyes my pitiable self,'

Cynthia’s variant forms: Cinda, Cindee, Cindi, Cindie, Cindy, Cinnie, Cinny, Cinthia, Cintia, Cinzia, Cyn, Cynda, Cyndee, Cyndia, Cyndie, Cyndra, Cyndy, Cynnie, Cynthea, Cynthie, Cynthya, Cyntia, Cytia, Kynthia, Kynthija, Sindee, Sindi, Sindy, Sindya, Sinnie, Sinnie, Sinny, Synda, Syndee, Syndi, Syndy, Syntha, Synthee, Syntheea, Synthia, Synthie and cinda cindee

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